appsource Mounting Solutions

For over two decades, RAM Mounting Systems has been synonymous with quality and performance. RAM ( “Round-A-Mount”) Mounting Systems, established in 1992, are manufacturers of rugged, versatile mounts, protective casing and docking solutions for phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and other mobile devices, which can be attached almost anywhere. The most innovative product line of its kind, RAM today continues to evolve into one of the most sought-after accessory brands for electronics. With its diverse, patent-protected product line, RAM products have quickly become an essential mounting component for a wide variety of applications, including all-terrain vehicles, military and defense, materials handling and any other environment which requires a robust mounting solution. RAM ball-and-socket mounts feature a design which revolves around an elastomeric rubber ball. Incorporating shock and vibration dampening as well as a useful non-slip feature, our truly unique mounting solutions augment every purpose for which they are used. Manufactured in the USA utilizing the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, steel, stainless steel, rubber and aluminium, our mounting systems and kits are designed to consistently perform above expectation while remaining cost-effective.

For your next mounting requirement, choose wisely – choose RAM!


The cradle is compatible with a wide range of ruggedized 2D barcode scanners and is compatible with RAM’s full range of forklift mounting systems, as well as mounting systems for a variety of mounting scenarios.


The RAM-B-166-UN8U consists of a 3.3″ diameter suction cup twist lock base, STANDARD length double socket arm and universal spring loaded X-Grip cradle for 7″-8″ tablets.


The kit consists of a composite spring-loaded cradle, expandable grip arms and additional bottom support keeper. Extra easy access grip knobs on the back of the cradle provide quick release of your tablet.


The clamp base wraps around a maximum width of 4” and is tightened by screwing the two plates together. Rubber ball-and-socket technology dampens shock and vibration and allows for easy adjustment for perfect viewing angles.


Step Down Converter/Charger is the ideal solution for providing power to any 5V device in a variety of applications. This charger features a Micro-B USB male connector that connects to any USB device.


The cup holder base can be mounted in an empty cup holder, and is easy to install and remove. Flexible support fins make the cup holder base conform to most vehicle cup holders.