appsource Barcoding Division

Our Barcoding division boasts many years of hands-on experience in the development and deployment of barcoding solutions, including data capture, print-on-demand and fully automated print-and-apply solutions.

Sick Lector 630

The Lector63x is a flexible image-based code reader. With its high image resolution, compact housing and exchangeable optical design it is well equipped for a variety of needs. It can easily be used for small codes, in high production speeds or for long-range identification. The Lector63x is easy to handle: quick optical exchange, intuitive user interface, aiming laser, beeper, LED feedback and MicroSD card – simplifying setup, operation and maintenance!  Reading distance 50mm – 2.2m


Sick Lector 620

The Lector62x is a compact image-based code reader for the reliable detection of 1D, 2D, and stacked codes as well as plain text. Its high-performance DPM decoder can read even lasered or dot-peened codes perfectly – even in the case of low contrast levels, contamination, or poor code quality. Thanks to the powerful illumination concept with bi-color LEDs, the Lector62x is particularly immune to ambient light. It ensures stable reading even in changing light conditions. The compact housing with swivel connector makes it the ideal code reader for production lines where space is tight.  Reading distance 40mm – 1.5m

Sick CLV 620

The CLV62x product family of bar code scanners are compact and powerful tools for a wide range of applications. Power, ease of operation, and flexibility are terms that perfectly describe the CLV62x product family. The CLV62x combines a high reading performance with the SMART620 code reconstruction system: A reading algorithm that can precisely identify bar codes even if they are damaged or partially covered. The device is available as a standard variant or with an integrated Ethernet interface, including Ethernet/IP and PROFINET protocols. These high-performance scanners are enhanced by other advanced features, including an embedded web server for remote diagnostics and reading performance statistics.  Reading distance 55mm – 730mm

Sick CLV 690

The CLV69x bar code scanner offers excellent reading performance, high-speed processing and a high level of reading accuracy. The auto focus function is based on built-in distance measurement technology and makes it possible to have height-independent code reading within the reading field. Simple and user-friendly configuration is guaranteed using the standard SOPAS ET operating system from SICK. Due to built-in SMART+ code reconstruction technology, the CLV69x can read heavily contaminated or partially damaged bar codes as well as those with a high angle of tilt. With its built-in tracking, the CLV69x can be used without any additional system controller to handle standard applications. The innovative connectivity with built-in parameter storage not only enables fast, simple scanner replacement, but also easy integration into a variety of applications.  Reading distance 400mm – 2.2m

Sick CDB Connection Device

The proven Connection Device Basic (CDB) offers a wide range of options for quickly connecting one 4Dpro sensor – via SICK CAN sensor network, host PCs or PLCs – in accordance with industrial standards. Both the sensor and the connection module meet all IP 65 enclosure rating requirements for dust and water spray protection. In addition, the CDB can connect to a CMC600 parameter cloning module. It can be installed in the provided slot and stores all of the connected 4Dpro sensor’s parameters. When exchanging a sensor, all application-specific parameters are thus copied into the new 4Dpro sensor of the same type.

Sick Photoelectric Sensors

The wide selection of photoelectric sensors from SICK ensures that numerous automation engineering applications around the world can be implemented both effectively and efficiently. Photoelectric sensors from SICK are available as standard in a wide range of designs and materials. Thanks to the use of SIRIC®, SICK’s very own ASIC, combined with modern optical technologies, they offer the highest in operational safety, regardless of any on-site interference. Additional sensor information via IO-Link helps to cut the complexity of modern production processes.






Datalogic DS2400N

The new DS2400N is the leader in its class for laser barcode readers, offering maximum connectivity, better optic performance and ease of installation, even in the most demanding environments, such as warehouses, shop floors and OEM machinery. DS2400N is the optimal choice for short reading distance, and comes equipped with all connectivity options – PROFINET, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, etc.

Datalogic Matrix 300N

The Matrix 300N is an ultra-compact image-based barcode reader, designed for performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications. The Matrix 300 combines a high resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition: 1.3 megapixels, 60 frames per second. Matrix 300N boasts a large variety of optical models, with both manual and electronic focus position control.

Datalogic Matrix 410N

The Matrix 410N is an industrial 2D imager for traceability applications in material handling and logistic environments. Matrix 410N is equipped with an ultra-fast image sensor, scanning at 2.0 megapixels, with a frame rate of 45 frames per second. It comes with embedded Ethernet connectivity, standard communication services (TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP), and the most commonly used industrial fieldbuses, such as PROFINET IO, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP.