appsource Task Automation

Our Task Automation team has many years of hands-on experience in the deployment of task automation solutions using barcode readers, digital IO, RFID, inline scales, kick-off systems, print-on-demand and fully automated print-and-apply solutions. Our RFID solutions ensure that even the largest mining operation can cope with ever-increasing transaction volumes, and many large organisations rely daily on our quality labelling products to mark their stock.

Handheld Scanners

Our portfolio of 1D / 2D barcode handheld scanners range from low cost general purpose use to industrial applications suitable for harsh environments. We stock such brands as Motorola, Datalogic, Zebex and Honeywell.

Label Printers

We stock thermal printers to suit every business size, application or print volume. Whether the need is for printing of receipts, asset labels, or even shipping labels, our products ensure that the job will get done in no time!

Mobile Computers

Our experience in mobility solutions and on-site WiFi will be of great value to you when deciding which mobile computer and wireless infrastructure solutions will best fit your project or business application.

Fixed Mount Scanners

Easily integrated into any industrial installation, fixed mount scanners are ideal for any application not permanently monitored by operators. They are ideal for barcode reading for track-and-trace, for sorting and tracking stations and for most common industrial interfaces and protocols.

RFID Readers

Our portfolio of RFID readers and solutions are designed to cope with the harshest of environments. Uses include reading locations, employees, vehicles and more.

Device Mounts

We provide mountings and bracketry to mount mobile data-capturing systems (scanners, scales, tablets or dashboards) anywhere on the business premises, on forklifts or inside vehicles.

Inline Scales

Our inline check-weigh systems provide real-time validation of product weights against master data, over- and underweight alarms, and information on output to conveyors and kick-off systems.

Print & Apply

We supply print-and-apply machines to facilitate automatic labelling in automated production, in industries such as manufacturing which necessitates labels being applied automatically applied to a product as part of a conveyor belt production line.

Rugged Tablets

We are continuously looking to source tablets designed for rugged working environments, able to withstand shock, vibration and drop (those which satisfy a 4’ drop certification or higher).